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Mar-a-Lago Club
Palm Beach, Florida
The Mar-a-Lago Club owned by Donald Trump had two Artiras installed to provide wheelchair access to the beach from the main resort via a tunnel under the highway.
Fontainebleau Tower
Miami Beach, Florida
The Fontainebleau Tower is the world famous site of the 1968 democratic convention. Two Artiras were installed to provide access to the outdoor spas on the penthouse decks of this Miami Beach landmark.
The Garaventa Artira can be supplied with a folding seat. The seat option is ideal for passengers who do not require a wheelchair but have difficulty climbing stairs.

Garaventa Artira

(Manufactured by Garaventa Lift)

The Garaventa Artira is an inclined platform wheelchair lift designed to travel on rails mounted to the inside or outside radius of the stairway with or without intermediate landings. The lift can be designed for straight, 90°, 180°, curving and other custom stair configurations. The Artira is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

Garaventa Artira - Standard Features

Listed below are some of the many standard features on this product. For more detailed information please contact our sales team or refer to the Artira Planning Guide.

Drive System - The standard rope sprocket drive system uses a 2 HP motor located in a locked drive cabinet at the upper landing of the stairway. The power requirement for the Artira wheelchair lift is 208 to 240 VAC single phase on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. This type of drive system allows the Artira to make up to seven stops.

Rated Load - 660lbs. Capacity

Platform Sizes

Platform Features

Call Stations - The call station controls use Smart-Lite Technology which guides the user through the operation of the lift. The call stations are located at each landing and automatically fold and unfold the curved safety arms, platform and ramps. The call stations are also used to call the lift to the landing.

Finish - The Artira is powder coated in Satin Grey textured paint with stainless steel arms.

Garaventa Artira - Optional Features

Listed below are some of the many optional features available for this product. For more detailed information please contact our sales team or refer to the Artira Planning Guide.

Platform Sizes - Custom size platforms available

Drive System - The compact drive system (rope sprocket) uses a motor directly attached to the upper end of the guide tube system. The compact drive has the same power requirements as the standard drive system.

Platform Features

Call Stations - There is a keyless option available for the call stations. An emergency stop button can also be added to the call station as well.

Finishes - The Artira can be finished from a large variety of RAL colors or can be custom color matched. A stainless steel finish is available and is a requirement for outdoor applications.

Garaventa Artira - Miscellaneous Optional Features

Please refer to the Artira Design and Planning Guide for additional features and more detailed product information.