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La Gorce Country Club
Miami Beach, Florida
This Genesis Enclosure gives it's members in wheelchairs easier access to the recreation and pool facilities at La Gorce. Note: recent changes in building codes apply restrictions in using this model in outdoor applications.
Bally's Health Club
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
The recent renovation of the Bally's Fitness Center off Sunrise Boulevard included the installation of a Genesis Enclosure Model. The lift travels a 12 ft. rise between the main floor and mezzanine level reception and office area.
The Genesis wheelchair lift is located in the main entrance of an office building. The lift features a custom color and clear Plexiglas panels.

Garaventa Genesis Enclosure

(Manufactured by Garaventa Lift)

The Genesis Enclosure is a complete, self-contained vertical access solution. The Genesis Vertical lift can provide access for lifting heights up to 12 feet in Florida. A variance may be required if the wheelchair lift is required to travel 14 feet. This model can make up to three stops and is available in a variety of finishes. The Genesis Enclosure allows for extensive customization with a variety of finishes and configurations to suit your building requirements.

Please note that there are some restrictions for outdoor applications due to extreme heat conditions and hurricane wind ratings. Please contact our sales team or refer to the codes section of this site if you are considering this lift for an outdoor installation.

Garaventa Genesis Enclosure - Standard Features

Listed below are some of the many standard features of this product. For more detailed information please contact our sales team or refer to the Genesis Planning Guide.

Drive Systems - There are two standard drive systems available for the Genesis Enclosure model.

Leadscrew Drive - The economical Leadscrew Drive System (2 HP motor) travels at 10 ft. per minute and requires 120 VAC single phase on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. The Leadscrew Drive System is available in six different lifting heights, up to a maximum of 147".

Hydraulic Drive - The Hydraulic Drive (3 HP motor) is powered by continuous mains power with an auxiliary power system. It is a quieter drive system and travels at 17 feet per minute. This system requires 120 VAC single phase on a dedicated 15 amp circuit. The Hydraulic Drive System is available in 7 different lifting heights, up to a maximum of 171" (variances required in Florida for lifting hieghts over 12 feet).

Rated Load - 750lbs. capacity

Platform Features

Call Stations - Standard call stations for the Genesis Enclosure are rocker style switches mounted in the frame of door or gate.

Doors and Gates - The Genesis Enclosure model requires a door at the lower landing and allows for a choice of a door or gate at the upper landing. The doors are made of anodized aluminum extrusions with Satin Grey steel panels and features a "D" handle. The doors and gates use mechanical interlocks at each landing..

Standard Finishes - The standard finish for the Genesis Enclosure model is anodized aluminum extrusion with Satin Grey steel panels.

Garaventa Genesis Enclosure - Optional Features

Listed below are some of the many optional features available for this product. For more detailed information please contact our sales team or refer to the Genesis Planning Guide.

Full Time Battery Operation - The Genesis Enclosure can be supplied with a 3 HP Hydraulic Drive with full time battery operation.

Platform Features

Call Stations

Doors and Gates

RAL Colors - As an option, the steel panels and aluminum extrusions can be painted from the large selection of RAL colors (Custom RAL Color Chart (pdf)). Alternatively, the Genesis Enclosure can be supplied with 5mm (3/16") bronze tinted or clear Plexiglas panels, or 6mm (1/4") laminated glass panels.

Custom Finishes - As an option, Garaventa offers custom color matching. Garaventa also offers Graphic Imaging and Exotic Finishes. Exotic finishes include brass and stainless effects created with special paint. Textured and speckled paint can be applied to the panels and extrusions. The panels can also be supplied with wood finishes, Formica, architectural metals or any material not exceeding 1/2" in thickness.

Outdoor Applications - When located outdoors, the Genesis is specially prepared to ensure durability and reliable performance. Please contact our sales team regarding outdoor applicationsas there may be applicable code restrictions.

Garaventa Genesis Enclosure - Miscellaneous Optional Features

Consult the Genesis Planning Guide for more information about these features.