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Wynmoore Condominums
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
The Genesis Enclosure is an ideal and cost effective access solution for this condo complex. The Genesis can be used by owners in wheelchairs or those who have difficulty climbing the stair while blending well with the surroundings.
The Genesis enclosure model provides access to the main porch area of this beautiful home. The Genesis was installed in a protected area of the house and is located under the homes roof line.
This lift has been painted a custom color to blend with this heritage home. The lift features a dome with a fan and ventilation system. The home owners have built an addition around the lift to protect the lift and to blend with the style of the home.

Garaventa Genesis Enclosure

(Manufactured by Garaventa Lift)

The Genesis Enclsoure is a vertical lift with a factory supplied enclosure. The Genesis Vertical lift can provide access up to 12 feet in Florida. A variance may be required if the wheelchair lift is required to travel 14 feet. The Enclosure model can be made of a variety of materials to blend with your home. The panels can be made of painted steel, clear or bronzed Plexiglas or laminated glass. For outdoor applications the Genesis Enclosure can be fitted with a Plexiglas Dome, fan and ventilation system. Please note that there are some restrictions for outdoor applications due to extreme heat and hurricane winds, please contact our sales team if you are considering this lift for an outdoor project.

This model of the Genesis wheelchair lift can be installed to provide wheelchair access to many different types of residential lift applications:

Garaventa Genesis Enclosure - Standard Features

The Genesis Enclosure Model wheelchair lift is equipped with many standard features. Some of these features are listed below. For a more extensive list of features please contact our sales team or refer to the Genesis Design and Planning Guide.

Enclosure Frame/Panels - The frame is constructed of champagne colored anodized aluminum extrusions. The panels for the Enclosure Model are available in 16 gauge galvanized steel painted with fine textured Satin Grey finish.

Doors and Gates - The standard configuration for this model is a full size Garaventa style door at the lower landing. The upper landing may be fitted with a gate or full height door.

Door Interlocks - The Garaventa mechanical interlock is the standard lock used for two stop enclosure lifts that are equipped with Garaventa doors and gates. The interlock is activated by the movement of the platform, the lock is monitored by the safety circuit to ensure the door or gate is properly locked.

Drive Systems - There are two standard drive systems available for the Genesis Enclosure model.

Leadscrew Drive - The economical Leadscrew Drive System (2 HP motor) travels at 10 feet per minute and requires 120 VAC single phase on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. The Leadscrew Drive System can be ordered in six different lifting heights, up to a maximum of 147".

Hydraulic Drive - The Hydraulic Drive (3 HP motor) is powered by continuous mains power with an auxiliary power system. It is a quieter drive system and travels at 17 feet per minute. This system requires 120 VAC single phase on a dedicated 15 amp circuit. The Hydraulic Drive System can be ordered in seven different lifting heights, up to a maximum of 171".

Auxiliary Powered Drive - (Hydraulic Model only) this allows the passenger inside the lift to travel up or down to the desired landing in the event of a power failure.

Lifting Heights - seven different lifting heights to a maximum of 171"

Call Stations - are frame mounted, keyless and operate with constant pressure rocker switches.

Platform Controls - consist of a directional rocker switch with an emergency stop/alarm button and operates without a key.

Manual Emergency Lowering - (Hydraulic Model only) To lower the lift a knob can be pulled to manually open the hydraulic valve and lower the platform.

Manual Emergency Lowering Handwheel - (Lead Screw only) A handwheel is used to manually move the platform to the desired landing in case of a power outage.

Garaventa Genesis Enclosure - Optional Features

A variety of optional features allow for extensive customization of the Genesis Enclosure Model. Highlights of some of the optional features and descriptions are listed below. For a more extensive list of options please contact our sales team or refer to the Genesis Planning Guide.

Full Time Battery Operation - (Hydraulic Model only) For low usage applications, full time battery operation is available. The drive is powered by a 24VDC battery pack charged from the building mains power by an integrated automatic charger. Continuous mains power is required if the lift is equipped with a fan and ventilation system.

Optional Finishes - Finishes for the Genesis Enclosure model include the steel panels and aluminum extrusions to be painted from a large selection of RAL Colors. The Enclosure can be supplied with bronze tinted or clear Plexiglas panels or can be designed for laminated glass.

Door and Gates - As an option the door panels can be replaced with bronze tinted or clear Plexiglas or laminated glass. The kick plate of the door is always 16 gauge galvanized steel. The doors can also be painted from a variety of RAL or custom colors.

Garaventa Power Door Operator - The Garaventa Power Door Operator (PDO) automatically opens the door/gate when the platform arrives at the landing. When the lift is at the landing, the passenger can press the call station switch or gently pull on the door or gate to activate the door opener. Power door operators are recommended.

Plexiglas Dome - for outdoor applications, a bronze tinted Plexiglas dome can be added to the enclosure. This dome has a drip rail for rain and condensation. In Florida a lift with a dome will require a fan and ventilation system.

Fan and Ventilation System - consists of two exhaust fans, thermostatic control and a 12VDC battery backup. The fans circulate and completely replace the air in the enclosure every minute when temperature inside the enclosure exceeds 85°. This system requires a Continuous Mains Power System.

Call Station Controls - Illuminated and tactile constant pressure style call station buttons is available as an option.

Attendant Call - Call stations can be modified to include an attendant call button.

Platform Controls - Illuminated and tactile constant pressure style buttons are optional on the lift. These controls are equipped with an audible illuminated emergency stop/alarm button and courtesy lights that are activated when the passenger enters the lift and during operation.

Folding Seat - The lift can be equipped with a folding seat which is ideal for passengers who do not use a wheelchair.

Three Stop Unit - The Genesis can be configured for three landings. The lower and middle landings must have a full height door and the upper landing may have either a full-height door or gate.

Battery Powered Emergency Lowering - (Leadscrew Model only) this emergency lowering system is automatically activated in the event of a power failure.